Good planning is half the battle. Our experts can put together individual packaging solutions for you โ€“ tailored specifically to your requirements. Our production line expertise ensures seamless processes from the very first day. SOMIC packaging machines can be integrated into production lines with ease and thus form a reliable component of the journey from product to end consumer.

We carry out thorough technical analysis in advance, preventing any complications further down the road. The unique SOMIC RealSource simulation combines the original machine controls with a 3D construction model and thus generates absolutely realistic simulation results. When testing the finished machine internally, we work with original products to simulate a realistic production scenario and thus ensure the perfect results โ€“ from the very first case.

SOMIC not only provides you with machines, but also state-of-the-art packaging systems.

RealSource Simulation by SOMIC

  • 3D construction model
  • Original machine controls
  • Original user interface

Reliability at every stage:

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Secure Investment

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Intelligent Planning

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Attentive Implementation

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Superior Performance