As a trade fair highlight, we presented the latest generation of cover/tray packer. With a cartoning capacity of 30 two-piece packages per minute, the SOMIC 424 DT is a record holder in the industry – not only in terms of speed, but also for its space-saving dimensions.

It handles the combination of a tray with an inside press-in cover, which is suitable for all pre-packaged food that requires protective and visually appealing outer packaging.

A very small footprint and seamless integration

With a footprint of only 3.3 × 2.1 metres, the SOMIC 424 DT delivers maximum performance in the smallest of spaces. We would be pleased to show you how easy it is to integrate the 424 DT as part of your existing processes using the packaging line installed at our trade fair stand.

Two touchscreen operating panels save time

The 424 DT is the first end-of-line packaging machine to feature two HMI panels. It can therefore be operated from two different positions, saving workers from having to walk long distances. Each touchscreen display has graphic symbols and is easy to understand, even if the operator has limited language skills.

Predictive maintenance checks actual wear

The new cover/tray packer comes with the SOMIC predictive maintenance system, which makes it possible to identify the actual need for maintenance in advance. This means that specific, proactive measures can be carried out on the machine to ensure high efficiency.

Convenient operating data display with augmented reality

Another world first is the augmented reality solution from SOMIC. This app presents key information about the machine on mobile devices in an intuitive, straightforward format. A virtual look at the machine can provide details about the components displayed, for example, as well as appropriate operating steps or relevant video tutorials.

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