SOMIC - packaging machines
    and concepts

    SOMIC is a family-run company that has stood for innovative packaging technology for more than 40 years. Our current portfolio comprises the most diverse types of end-of-line packaging machines and case packers. In addition to case erectors and packaging machines, we also offer handling and transport systems.



    Various types of packaging machines

    We produce customised case packers for one-piece packaging, such as tray packers or wrap-around packers, and also efficient case packer machines for multi-part packaging, such as tray/cover packers. We also offer case erectors, box coverers and closing machines.

    SOMIC 424 –
    The latest generation of end-of-line packaging machines

    SOMIC offers the highest level of flexibility when choosing your packaging machines: The mechatronic SOMIC 424-modular system allows any desired packaging machine to be individually created! Using our packaging systems like wrap-around packers, folding box packers, tray packers or other end-of-line packaging machines and case packers means that the most diverse packaging concepts can be achieved. Take a look and discover which solutions SOMIC has for you!