Tray/Cover Packer SOMIC 424 TD (cover outside)

for multi-component packaging

The SOMIC Tray/Cover Packer for collating, grouping and packaging products in open cases and tray/cover packages (cover outside)

The SOMIC Tray/Cover Packer SOMIC 424 TD can be equipped with individual format tools for varying product dimensions and case models. This allows unlimited flexibility within the format range, which is why every SOMIC 424 machine is so distinctive.

Machine sequence

  1. Pre-packed products are fed into the machine individually and grouped into one case.
  2. A pushing head slides the product group into the folding head on the flat tray blank.
  3. The cover is then folded over the case and glued.

We work for quality suppliers in the food, pet food, pharmaceutical and non-food sectors.

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