Machines for single-component packaging

Tray Packer 

SOMIC tray packer for open cases and trays
Tray Packer SOMIC 424 T2

Wraparound Packer

SOMIC wraparound packer for wraparound cases, folding cases, display cases, trays and open cases
Wraparound Packer SOMIC 424 W3

Machines for multi-component packaging

Tray/Cover Packer

SOMIC Tray/Cover Packer for open cases and tray/cover packaging (cover outside)
Tray/Cover Packer SOMIC 424 TD


SOMIC Cover/Tray-Packer for open cases and cover/tray packaging (cover inside)
Cover/Tray Packer SOMIC 424 DT (cover inside)