SOMIC Platform

The modular platform

The SOMIC modular platform provides exceptional performance:

SOMIC packaging machines can be adapted to a wide range of functional requirements. Our standard components, which range from the smallest building blocks to complete functional groups, ensure ultimate machine flexibility. The mechatronic functional units can be validated as an autonomous system. This decentralized structure allows for the harmonious collective operation of the functional groups resulting in an optimized packaging system.

Advanced solutions

Outstanding technology – from the start

Our customers frequently expect technologically advanced solutions, and for good reasons. SOMIC also delivers basic machine technologies, which provide for your current needs. These basic machines can be incorporated in your growth strategy as they can be complemented with additional SOMIC modular functionality to support future needs. Therefore, by choosing SOMIC today, you are well prepared for tomorrow!

We work for quality suppliers in the food, pet food, pharmaceutical and non-food sectors.