Efficient operation of your end-of-line packaging system requires the right peripheral devices. Whether bags, folding boxes, thermoformed packs or cans, SOMIC offers the right transport and handling system for every type of packaging. These flexible systems offer classic transport tasks as well as complex jobs such as line-merging, turning, flipping over and conditioning.

The key to success: all from one source.

Our range of services extends from the delivery of individual conveyor belts to complete product handling and transport systems. With years of experience you can be sure that we will find the perfect technical solution for your requirements and budget.

SOMIC system elements for product handling and transport

Product Manipulator

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Line Distribution / Line Amalgamation

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Storage Systems

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Transport Technology

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We respect energy and nature based on our sustainability concept. Our transport systems stand for low noise emissions and safest system operation.

Do you have complex tasks?

Benefit from our expertise across all areas of transport technology, from concepts and system development and construction to on-site installation and commissioning. We’ll be happy to impress you with our creative ideas and innovative solutions specially customised to your unique requirements.

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