Many thanks for visiting us in Amerang.

The In-House Exhibition on 23rd of May – with around 150 guests from home and abroad – was a resounding success and a fantastic experience. Besides the lovely weather, the interesting presentations by Vera Fritsche (VDMA) and the formidable speech given by Reinhold Messner on the subject of risk management, we were hopefully able to give you valuable new insights into the world of packaging technology at the event.

We are especially pleased to have immediately received the desired response to our new SOMIC ReadyPack – in keeping with the motto ‘Proven SOMIC 424 technology and control systems, reduced to the essentials!’ In summary, this means:

  • Functionality and availability
  • Fast delivery within 4–5 months
  • Various options for convenience and flexibility

Here you can find further information.

Simply give us a call. Your sales representative will be happy to assist you at all times.

Your SOMIC Team